Rubbedin Product Development Request


Thank you for contacting Rubbedin for your product development needs. To enable us to provide the best advice and price, please fill in the details in the form as accurately as possible.

Contact Details

Product Development Information

What is your objective for this product?

Product to be branded as our own
Using it for a promotion of selling it to our customers

What features or benefits MUST the product have?

Product Position: Is the product a premium or economy product?

The product to be prestige / premium quality
The product to be fit for an economy range

Competitors: Who are your main competitors/competitor products?

Quantity: How many do you want to order initially?

Expected Forecast


What would be the ideal unit price you would like to pay for the product?

Deadlines: When do you need the products to be shipped to you?

Product Formulation

We have our own formula for Rubbedin to manufacture & pack
Rubbedin to provide all formula development, manufacture & packaging

What type of packaging and pack sizes are you looking for?

Box of multiple products
Single unit

Do you require Rubbedin to prepare the artwork for packaging?

We have our own designers
Rubbedin to provide all artwork

Do you require additional artwork items?

Final product images



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