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At Rubbedin, we have manufactured Australian Made and owned, premium, affordable, and sustainable cleaning and surface protection solutions since 1979. It was founded by Dr Donald Lakeland BMet (Hons) PhD, a metallurgist and lecturer at the University of Queensland. The Rubbedin story started when Don’s sister-in-law asked him to fix her rusty solid hotplates on her stove, and Magic Hotplate Restorer was born. His passion for solving cleaning and surface protection problems led to many more products, including the Firewise brand.

Ian Smits continues Dr Lakeland’s legacy by providing our customers with sustainable solutions to promote a healthier, cleaner, and brighter future. We now have four premium brands: Magic (1979), Firewise (1979), PuraChoice (2014), and InvisiGarde (2021), with over 91% of these manufactured right here at our Queensland-based premises at Capalaba.

Our Mission

Rubbedin’s mission is to manufacture effective, environmentally responsible products that support a sustainable future. Our brands encapsulate our desire to solve our customers’ cleaning and surface protection problems with sustainable and environmentally responsible products. We strive to maintain the highest standards of authenticity and integrity by formulating (or innovating) safe and sustainable products that really work. Our team is passionate about what we do and is keen to share our knowledge with our customers worldwide.

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